What Is The BRED?

The BRED colorway is a nickname for the combination of black and red, first used on the original Air Jordan 1 in 1985. The term "BRED" is derived from the words "black" and "red," and it has become one of the most iconic and influential colorways in sneaker history. The Air Jordan 1 BRED colorway was rumored to be banned by the NBA for violating its uniform policy, which added to its mystique and popularity. Although the rumor was later debunked, the BRED colorway's significance remained, and it has been used for various numbered models of the Jordan catalog, creating some of the most coveted and valuable sneakers in the market.

The BRED colorway is not just a combination of black and red; it is a symbol of excellence, defiance, and innovation that has transcended basketball and sneaker culture to become a part of history. The BRED lineage began with the original Air Jordan, and since then, there have been numerous BRED Jordan releases, with at least one BRED Jordan releasing every two months over the past year. The BRED colorway's impact on demand and its influence on the value of these sneakers have been significant.

Given this history, Nike didn’t over think their success and expanded the BRED colorway across the Air Jordan line. Over the years, lucky sneaker heads collected and enjoyed many of these models but even among icons there are standouts. No list is perfect but most would agree, having the following pairs would make your collection close to ideal.

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Michael Jordan 'Banned' Commercial




Credited as the one that started it all. The details are well known at this point but in short, Michael Jordan’s Nike Air Ship model became the legendary Air Jordan 1 largely due to being  banned by the NBA. The rest is history - rocketing Jordan Brand and the colorway to the status enjoyed today.



Air Jordan 11 models are consistently considered favorites among sneaker enthusiasts. With its patent leather upper, translucent sole, and amazing performance - Jordan 11s seamlessly combine style and results that collectors look for year after year.  First seen on Michael Jordan’s feet during the 1996 NBA playoffs, “Bred” Jordan 11s are officially knows as “Playoffs” in honor of that historic on court performance.



Jordan 4s find wide favor among sneakerheads as probably the most comfortable among the various Jordan models. The Jordan 4 BRED is also the second Jordan model to feature what is now the iconic  “Air” from legendary designer Tinker Hatfield’s portfolio. Cast with nubuck uppers, midfoot mesh and a matte finish, the Jordan 4 BRED strikes a balance between style and comfort consistently popular among sneaker enthusiasts world wide. 




While all Air Jordan models have their own merits, the Jordan 6 alone enjoys the highest honor.  While Jordan 1s are the true symbol of greatness, it was the Jordan 6 that delivered MJ his first championship in 1991. By extension, wearing a pair of Jordan 6 BREDs is like getting the best of both worlds.





According the Nice Kicks: [Few know this, but the 2003 retro of the Air Jordan 12 Black/Varsity Red is where the term “Bred” originates. In the fall of 2003, a post to NikeTalk listed upcoming retro Jordan releases, and included in the list was a “J12 B./Red” coming in December. No photos were available and no product code to cross-reference was available either. Forum members worked backward to make the (correct) assumption that the B./Red was meant for the Black/Varsity Red colorway of the Air Jordan 12.] If true, this added piece of culture makes the Jordan 12 BRED even more special. Almost like some kind of destiny, the Jordan 12 BRED not only set a trend, the colorway is also associated with the mythical “Flu Game.” In one of Michale Jordan’s most memorable performances, the legend put up a solid 37 points despite being plagued by flu-like symptoms during game 5 of the 1997 playoffs. Jordan would have to be helped off the court, barely able to walk under his own power - solidifying the Flu Game legend.



Jordan 13s remain among the most recognizable and wearable of the Jordan line largely because Michael Jordan wore than at the pinnacle of his fame. With its unique hologram and “Black Cat” outsole, Jordan 13 BREDS routinely enjoy a special place in the heart’s of Sneaker enthusiasts.




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