Yes, it is true. I flew over 4,000 miles to do my very own Sole Protector Air Force 1 Sneaker Test for the entire month of May. Let’s just say, I was extremely impressed with the results.

 Starting from the beginning, I knew the trip would require a lot of walking as Barcelona is a walkable city, so the right footwear had to be packed. Air Force 1s have proven to be a reliable shoe that provides a good amount of support so packing them was essential. What also makes them great is the clean, white aesthetic they give off. This is where Sole Protector came in. Walking for hours a day was going to be a challenge within itself but trying to preserve the shoes as best as I could was the new goal for the month of May. 


Before departing, the Air Force Sole Protectors were properly installed. After a month Barcelona features all kinds of terrain that made this challenge especially fun.


Dirt trails, busy sidewalks and mountainsides were a few of the surfaces encountered on this trip. It made testing them out that much more exciting. These shoes were worn almost every day without fail walking from various locations around the city. Every time I looked down at my feet, the shoes appeared bright white on the surface despite the amount of walking I was doing. They were my go-to shoe until the day I left. It felt good to know that I was preserving my kicks in a way as the sole was completely covered with Sole Protector Plus+ We definitely went through some rougher areas that included rocks, sticks and other debris that proved to be a challenge however, the Sole Protectors handled it with ease. 

Now for the question we are all wondering, did the Sole Protectors successfully protect the Air Forces for a month in Barcelona? Yes! They held up nicely and allowed me to come home to a nice pair of Air Forces after. I didn’t feel like I had to sacrifice a pair of shoes to go on this trip, they came back nice and whole. The same can not be said for the SP. It worked hard to protect the sole and the results show that:


The protection and results were unreal. The shoes seemed so beat up, they had to be placed in a separate bag just to get them back to the United States. It is safe to say this experiment was extremely successful. Click here to protect your Air Force 1s!

Leave a comment letting us know where you have traveled in your Sole Protectors. We will be giving away five $30 Sole Protector gift cards during the event. 

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