Just another Friday on Nike Campus and it was about that time of the day where we sneak out of the cubicle and fuel our body with a mid day meal! 

Rumors had been floating around the water coolers all morning regarding the GOAT possibly stopping in to chat with JB folks and go for a stroll on campus! 

This is like a second home for MJ, considering what he has done for the brand to help build and it really shows from the moment you go to park your vehicle on campus and realize the GOAT has a better parking spot than you do....

Yes, being the greatest of all time has its perks. 

So here we are waiting in line at the Tar Heel Cafe and you can begin to feel a small commotion and spectate a whirlpool motion of bodies trying to catch a glimpse or even just be in the presence. 

MJ pops out of a corner special VIP entrance and automatically is in front of the cafeteria, everyone in the line freezes up. 

Shock & Awe simultaneously hit, not to mention other emotions after realizing what he had on his feet!!! 

What do you see yourself doing at this moment? Let us know below in the comments 

And for those wondering, the salmon lunch plate + variety of deli meats was delicious. 

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