In the early days of SP it's safe to say that we were willing to go to SUPER unsafe levels to prove we were the MOST authentic sneaker solution -PERIOD. Back in those days, before all the rules, algorithms, and timeline modifications – the sneaker world was like the Wild West. It was really show and prove. StockX was just called Campless and you had to know the difference between fake and real for yourself.


This is also why we accepted all kinds of SUPER DUMB challenges like..: “I bet you won't put a lighter to it [Sole Protector]. Yes, we did that, many times. And since we weren't fake, we had to prove we were the realist. So we doubled down - first with a superb pair of Air Jordan 11 “Cool Greys” and later with an OG pair of Air Jordan 3 “True Blues.”


Thankfully, we've grown since those early days and would never ever do something that stupid again. So please learn from our mistakes and only use the appropriate amount of heat with a heat gun or hair dryer to get the best possible results.  #keepyoursoleclean


**Please, Don't Try This At Home...


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