We set out on our day to day routine with one sole protected via our "SP11 PLUS+" [right shoe shown above], and the other just bare back [left shoe above] just like the day it left somewhere inside a Nike/Jordan Brand assembly line which it originally came from. 

How many wears do you think until it is the point of no return? How many wears can your sole handle before it begins to show age, yellow, and lose its luster? 

The answer is ONE.... Which might come as a surprise to many who for whatever reason choose not to use protection, but it is just the simple fact. 

We did not do any weird, over the top, strenuous walks with our pair of Win Like 82 XI's. What we did do is what the vast majority of people will be doing once they got a pair. 


We were minding our own business stepping throughout the day, heading into the office, running errands, meeting with friends, and occasionally going out into the town during a fun evening retreat. Normal day to day life stuff that most of us will be doing while wearing our favorite new release. 

By this point in the week you should already have your pair! If you purchased at a store directly or if you chose expedited shipping. Which also means that if you made the mistake of skipping on protection you will already see some bad stuff happening. 

If you haven't made the mistake of not using protection or still waiting on standard shipping to make its way to you we have the solution! 

Make sure to equip a "SP11 PLUS+" and forget about tip toeing around trying to fight it, just use protection and go anywhere! 



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