This weekend a large number of us will be either lining up in front of the local Footlocker, Champs, Foot Action or your mom & pop local shop. The other option is of course being digital sitting in front of multiple devices trying to get lucky online at grabbing the upcoming "Win Like 82" Midnight Navy XI and actually making it through the checkout process. 

We all go through the same struggle when trying to buy. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Approximately 500,000 pairs will be released to the public give or take a few thousand so those that manage to score this new colorway XI will be a select lucky group considering the amount of fan fare and demand they have received from the masses as of late.

If you do get them there is one thing we can all agree on! That feeling of cracking open the Jordan Brand box, removing paper inserts, shoe trees and taking that first new shoe whiff! It really never will get old for us and we are here to help with preserving that special feeling. The sole is so important during this process because only once, will they look untouched. Once you choose to bring them out for that special first wear the sole will begin to age and lose that pop.....Unless you do the right thing and apply SP "PLUS+" 

The SP will keep them clean & clear like that first day you pulled them out of the box! And to the true enthusiast, sneaker lover or neat freak this moment is priceless. 

Through the release enjoy large markdowns on all SP11 Products with no code needed. Be smart and don't ruin a good thing when you have the option to use protection. We are here to preserve it. 



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