The AJ III was revolutionary like many of Tinker’s designs. It was the first mid-cut basketball shoe, it was the first to have a lifestyle texture of elephant print added, it was the first to have Nike’s Air cushioning visible, and most notably, the first Air Jordan to feature the Jumpman logo which was placed on the tongue. 

So this makes the question even harder, which logo belongs on the III? They both have a significant place on the shoe and it really will come down to personal preference. 

We enjoy all models of the III because of its versatility both on and off the court. It really was the first shoe you could use for function and or fashion. This is a huge reason why it will be a popular model for many more years to come. 

Which is exactly why you should equip our "SP3 PLUS+" on the upcoming 2018 Release [854262-001] 


The value has already increased slightly over retail and with time as units begin to disappear it will only go up. Our SP3 PLUS+ will preserve this model and prevent you from wearing through it! You never know when the next time we will see this classic Black Cement colorway come back again. 

Don't ruin a good thing, use protection #keepyoursoleclean 




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