Here in Orlando, FL where our SP HQ is located also resides a locally based small non-profit organization making a HUGE impact globally called "Feeding Children Everywhere" [

Ranging in everything from Domestic Meal Distribution to Micro Farming, FCE is aimed for making a hunger free world! 

We are no strangers to hurricanes here in FL but this season our very close island neighbor and U.S. territory Puerto Rico was by far hit the hardest with back to back storms leaving the small island completely pummeled and disconnected from civilization, here we are 20 days later and a majority of the population still has no power or form of communication. This is a real catastrophe and FCE has stepped up big time to help in this time of need. 

We were lucky to join & help package meal kits and the result thus far is incredible! Over 4 Million Meal Kits in route to be distributed by FEMA for families island wide focusing with the severely battered west side. 

It was amazing to see folks from all walks of life, children to seniors doing what they can do and coming together to help our fellow human in this devastating Maria+Irma lineup of storms. 

Please visit for more info on local projects if you would like to give a hand and help! The old saying "every little bit helps" holds very true with groups like this that focus strongly on a good cause. 


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