Why do I need a Sole Protector for dark or colored soles?

We hear this question all the time and the answer is simple. Sole Protectors will protect your dark and colored soles from sole wear and heel drag. They will help keep your sole from wearing down over time.  It will also help maintain the designs and color patterns that make certain shoes special. 

Like with icy soles, Sole Protectors will also help keep gum, dirt, oils and other harmful substances off your sole. You don't have to worry about hours of cleaning if you step in something sticky or smelly. Sole Protector can easily be peeled away to reveal a fresh, clean sole. 

Once applied, Sole Protectors can last up to 30+ wears.  The length of wears depends on a couple factors like how you walk, the surfaces you're walking on and the length of time you wear your shoes. Each person is different. 

So Before You Step, Protect!  

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