Reality check: life is full of unexpected occurrences. Sometimes things just happen even when we do our very best, work our very hardest and plan every little detail. So much is out of our control and our understanding it's a miracle that we've made it this far. But it's also true that part of what makes life worth living is the battle to pursue our dreams and get what we want from our life experiences. This is why we experiment, this is why we continuously search for solutions and this is why we grind.


Without a doubt, very capable and experienced people are working diligently to solve the “Coronavirus” [COVID-19] problem. Hopefully, this will also be ancient history soon. But until a solution is found, there's no reason for us to sit around idly as if we are completely helpless. At minimum, we can take precautions that increase our chances of avoiding this illness and all the bad stuff linked to it.


According to the Centers For Disease Control [CDC]: Person to person [especially when a person is sick] seems to be the most noted pathway to spreading. After person to person, contact with infected surfaces is also noted as a potential pathway to infection.


Sanitation and cleanliness have also been mentioned in just about every article and scientific publication about the virus. Simple things like washing hands, being very careful around sick people, etc could go a very long way. Along these lines, we also see Sole Protector as an additional weapon in your fight to protect yourself, your family and your productivity.


We all have busy schedules and literally walk miles in our shoes. Over the course of a normal work or school day, we also come into contact with countless unknown substances. Think of it this way, our shoe’s soles pretty much touch all corners of the globe and we bring most of that back home with us. Maybe our bodies have adjusted to the majority of the things we encounter but that does not seem to be the case with COVID-19.


Until a cure and more concrete information is available, using everything that you can to protect yourself and your family simply makes sense. It’s also one thing to interact with the world but it's another to bring the entire world home with you every night. At minimum, we can almost guarantee that the feeling of watching your dirty sole transform into a clean, fresh surface - provides a peace of mind that you have to experience to fully understand.


Lastly, if you are interested in protection but struggling with the price, please reach out to us at and allow us the opportunity to see what we can do for you. We wish everyone the best, encourage all of you to take the appropriate precautions and hope that everyone keeps their sole clean.


*Wash your hands properly after removing dirty Sole Protectors.

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