Having extra time is a blessing. But filling all this newly discovered time is also far more challenging than expected. So what do you do when you run out of things to talk about with your friends, there’s nothing left on Netflix and you’ve completely socially distanced? I have no clue. But I do have a suggestion. How about sneaker maintenance?
 It was hard to find a viable option but after some digging through a mountain of Sole Protector equipped sneakers, I found this rare and hidden gem. A pair of 2016 Nike Air Foamposite “Rio Olympic” that were left unprotected after photo shoots and testing. I’m not quite sure how these slipped through the cracks but it does happen from time to time. Luckily, I was looking for something to do and also have a little extra time to do it right. 


If you're not familiar with this shoe, the 2016 Nike Air Foamposite “Rio Olympic” was introduced back in 2016 in time for the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. It's a beautiful model with details like pearl white uppers that glisten like a finely polished gem, Obsidian suede lining that run through the upper, tongue and laces. Gold and redaccents add the finishing touches to complete the solid offering. It was certainly great for demonstration and a welcome addition to our overall collection. But due to the volume of sneakers that we photograph and test, it's almost certain that even the finest examples can become victims of the process.
Nike Air Foamposite One PRM “Olympic”
Obsidian/University Red-Metallic Gold-White 575420-400
July 26, 2016 $250
Here's a before and after look:


The process of applying sauce is relatively straightforward and covered in full by Fabes Sole, our Sauce provider. Check out his instructions here. Please also note that I violate one of his main guidelines [old habit] by applying sauce to the entire sole as opposed to just focusing on the icy portions.
Check out the video to see where I am in the current process and provide any feedback or questions you may have. For this process, I'm also relying on mother nature as opposed to an indoor UV box or light. This means that the process length may vary depending on my desired results and how well the weather plays along - stay tuned….


I decided to add some friends to the sauce party. These were nowhere as bad as the Foamsposite but very slight yellowing could be seen. So while the Sole Protector Plus+ did an excellent job, I wanted a bit more satisfaction. 3/27/20 The process is delayed for better weather. Note: the weather isn’t terrible, it’s just overcast limiting sunlight.


Updates - 3/25/20



Update - 3/26/20



Update - 3/27/20


Due to a run of less than ideal weather and other understandable distractions, I resumed the process on April 13th. It’s probably worth noting that even without sunlight, the process continues – just much slower depending on how much you have on the impacted sole. At this point, all pair are looking good especially the OG Air Jordan 5 “Fire Red” and Air Jordan 11 “Cool Grey.”



The Foamposites were the main focus in the beginning and are just about back to 100% – so that’s a major win!



The process worked so well, I started to look for anything that could use some work and found a pair of Air Jordan 6 “Sport Blue” from 2014. My Sole Protector Plus+ worked incredibly well and 99% of the yellowing was stopped dead in its tracks leaving a small amount around the inner portion of the sole. So I did a quick “touch up” and saw results basically immediately [a few hours in the sun].
The foamposites are almost done so the next post will be the conclusion and results – stay tuned..


Final Results - 5/18/20



Above are the final results from the Foamposite and last minute addition, Air Jordan 6. There are multiple variables at play during the "icing" process but at the basic level, all you need is a little sauce and a little sunlight. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, just reach out to cs@sole-protector.com and they will be happy to help. Also remember to visit Fabes Sole [@fabessole] on Instagram for even more tips and details.


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Shannon- Honestly it depends on the conditions of the soles. Send us a picture to info@sole-protector.com so we can help.

Team SP

Im trying to do it on some foams i have i have the suace I baught ftom you guys and its been super hot and sunny lately down in Miami whats the best way I seen in video to apply and putcsaran wrap with bags of ice and continue to check how long it says is like 6 hours

Shannon D Shroyer

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