As most of you know by this point in the game we are the only choice in real sole protection, and we also ship it directly to your door so you never even have to leave home without using SP. 

A lot of buzz has been circulating our inbox regarding which choice would be best for the upcoming XI's releasing in the very near future [11/11/17 - 12/9/17].  Should you order "Original or PLUS+" when choosing how you would like to protect your special pair?

Some shoes require that you use PLUS+, mostly painted/rubber bottoms perform better with the heavy duty nature of SP+. The AJ XI however has a mostly icy bottom that can use both options easily and stay clear wherever you go. 

Deciding which version you wish to use will require some thought into how you plan on wearing those highly anticipated "Win Like 82" XI's... 


If you plan on wearing them lightly and only bringing em out with that special outfit or during a special night out, the "Original" SP will be more than enough with it's ultra-clear finish you can barely see it when applied properly. It will last you 30+ casual wears and most importantly maintain that icy look like the day you pulled them out of the box.

Now if you are like us and you plan on wearing every XI heavily, rain or shine, than we highly recommend using SP "PLUS+". Not only is it much easier to apply using our pressure activated adhesive - just peel & stick! It will also last 3x times longer than "Original" thanks to its thicker construction and slip resistant abrasive finish on the outer layer.

One thing is for sure, which ever version you decide on choosing, your XI will thank you every step of the way. Prevent yellowing before it ever happens, wrap it up. 



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