On April 20th, 2022, we will celebrate our 9th anniversary!

When we started our online store back on April 20th, 2013, we just wanted to help fellow sneaker heads protect and preserve their sneaker collection. Our goal was to solve a problem that we were personally experiencing with our shoes, especially Jordans, to slow down yellowing of icy soles and keep our shoes in "like new" condition so we could enjoy them year after year.

9 years later, we have customers in all 50 states and worldwide! It has been an honor to help fellow sneaker heads keep their soles clean and icy while preserving the value of their collection. 

To celebrate our 9-year anniversary, we want to give back and thank you for all the support over the years. We will be running events, sales and giveaways all week.  

Make sure you sign up on our email list (on the home page) as some of our specials will be exclusive to email. If you have signed up for our emails then make sure you add (cs@sole-protector.com) to your safe list, so our emails hit your inbox. 

Sole Protector's 9th Anniversary Events:

  • April 16th to April 24th: Use code "SP9" to save 20% off your entire purchase including sale items.

  • April 16th to April 24th: Anyone who makes a purchase will be eligible to receive one of our 9th Anniversary SP Select gifts

  • April 18th: Keep an eye on your email for a special SP Blog giveaway!

  • April 19th: Keep an eye on our Instagram and Tik Tok (@soleprotector) accounts for special SP giveaways.

  • April 20th: Our Official 9th Anniversary! Keep an eye on your email for exclusive email only deals including free gifts.

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Looking forward to picking some up for the first time can’t wait to see the difference between your product and well I won’t say the competition name but I was sadly disappointed with the results of the competition so I look forward to trying your product the anniversary email couldn’t came in at a better time purchasing today

René Montijo

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