Before we dive into our 2022 packaging update, we would like to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support. Because of you, we’re able to continually improve and provide products you need to keep your sneakers looking and feeling fresh, clean, and new. We are very excited about the wonderful things we have planned for 2022 starting with this packaging update for the Sole Protector line up. Please see below for details and remember to check this blog regularly for updates on deals, discounts and all the new things we have planned for this year and beyond.

This packaging update not only allows us to streamline our packing and shipping operations but it also reduces our usage of plastics while giving our customers a solid option for long-term storage. This update also gives us the flexibility to make updates and expand our product lines without major interruptions to packing and shipping operations. Faster shipping times and better storage options means that ultimately you, our customers win and that’s what it’s all about.


Packaging Types: 

Large: Used for Custom Sole Protectors and Sole Protector in sizes 11-15.

Regular: Used for Sole Protector in sizes 4-10.5

Packaging Design:

Front Side: Updated with the current website address. We updated our domain (web address) in 2021 but some of our old packaging still had the old address. This solves that problem.

Back Side: Contains sizing Information, social media, use information and updated web address.

What’s inside: Each package will contain the specific Sole Protectors that you ordered and an authentic sticker. If you order both large and regular sized Sole Protectors, you will receive two SP sleeves. One for the regular sized Sole Protectors and one for the larger sized Sole Protectors. Your entire order will be shipped together. 


Size chart:

To use the size chart, simply match your size [same as your shoe size] with the type of shoe you’re trying to protect. See the example below.

Sole Protector Packaging Size Chart


Install Videos:

Sole Protector install videos can be found on our website, YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms. 







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