With so many other options available these days to help us store and display our sneaker of choice wether it’s a clear case, book shelf, or some freestanding furniture piece from Ikea or Amazon, we’ve got plenty of options to display our favorite pairs.
What ever happened to the days where brands went the extra mile to give you something special even on a standard general releases? When did Nike /Jumpman stop including random cards, some semi-related souvenir, extra laces, and or other random happy meal type gifts that they could just toss in the box!
The box does not only serve its purpose as a dry, dark place to store your pair safe from sunlight, dust, smoke, and any other airborne factors which can lead to oxidation or yellowing, of course we now have Sole-Protector to help with that.
The box has many duties and can also serve as a time capsule to a certain point in life when you might have stepped a bit differently or even headed towards a different path all while on the same exact sole. 

So next time you are inside the closet, staring aimlessly at a stack of boxes trying to figure out which pair to bring out today, take a moment to appreciate the little details hidden within the box. Here at SP HQ if you were to take peak inside our boxes you would find them loaded with souvenirs, ticket stubs, receipts, and many other handheld mementos which bring us back to a specific time/place we  once were. 

Share below what storing technique, tips, or tricks you do when storing your favorite pairs! #keepyoursoleclean


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