[PrototypeSP Unit 11/2012 Shown Below] 


We started out with a common problem that we knew thousands of other sneaker heads around the world shared with us! 

Some of us cringed at the sight of a icy sole starting to yellow, we were unhappy when a white bottom began to pick up dirt even when worn indoors mostly, and we definitely hated once the actual sole would begin to fade from drag and lose parts of its grooves and design. 

These were all common problems that up until a little over 6 years ago we all shared....Until the good folks from Sole Protector stood up and aimed to find a solution once and for all! 

Many of you have been with us for all 5 years and follow our moves via social media to keep up to date with the latest releases and product updates. We have worked very hard over the years and have constantly listened to customer feedback so we could improve the great design of our SP built with 3M Technology right here in the USA.

Currently on our v3 of "Original SP" and V2 of "PLUS+" we can assure you that the same level of commitment still stands and will continue as we find more innovative ways to preserve & protect the most important part of your shoe. 

Visit our site today or tomorrow and receive $5.00 OFF best selling products with NO CODE NEEDED! Our way of saying thanks to everyone who has shown support over the years. 

We look forward to preserving many more soles all over the world including the 64 Countries we have already shipped too during our time here. 

Make sure to spread the word and lets keep this movement going, we all will be very grateful 10,15, 20 years down the road when we can pull out a pair of retro's and wear them without fear, on any surface, anywhere in this globe! 

Many thanks to all the fans, customers, supporters, friends, and family! 



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