The hype was very real for this particular Infrared colorway which released during NBA  All-Star break 2014 New Orleans! 



The previous release was included in a pack back in 2009 which at the time felt like a decade later. A lot of people missed out because of the limited number of packs released to retail locations. Once we caught wind they were coming we immediately began making the right calls to source a pair direct from Beaverton and sent right to our hands so that a "Original SP6" could be applied...To only ONE side of the shoe! 

Yes you read that correctly, we purposely left one shoe unprotected. We had a point to prove, and truly needed to document for our audience just how harmful not using protection can be for your sole, And just how good Sole-Protector can prevent yellowing from ever happening! 

Fast forward to this weekends UNC VI release and we began to reminisce about our IRVI that had seen many steps in various states throughout the country on just about every surface you could think of, and lets not mention a few long nights. 

It had been a few months since they came out of the box and back into rotation. Sometimes even a short period of time can seem like years. When we tucked them away the last time we had begun to notice the midsole already yellowing on the right [unprotected] shoe! The left shoe [equipped with "Original Custom SP" had a special application protecting along the midsole to prevent this from happening, even when in storage so it was still looking fresh. 

We do not need to do much more explaining after seeing these pictures: 


The choice is clear when it comes to making the decision about using protection on ANY icy bottom, and this weekends VI is no exception. When a special colorway or model comes along that we just don't know when the next re-release will happen and if it does will Jordan Brand keep it the same or make a small change that could alter the way you look at the same exact shoe. 

Extend the life of the pair you enjoy, prevent yellowing, and never scrub a bottom again! It really is a win win situation with SP. 

You can see below how much better our protected sole is enjoying life. 


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